Varakh is nowadays also used on handicrafts items to make it more decorative.
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Varakh is also usefull for a health of the person.
Therefore it is also used on sweets which make's it delicious as well as looks good and used for
the decoration of sweets.
Varakh, edible silver foil used as decoration for sweets, is available in most any Indian grocery stores.

Varakh is mainly used on the below mentioned following sweets:

  • Kaju Katri
  • Anjeer Rol
  • Bengali Sweets
  • Kaju Rolls
  • Rajasthani Sweets
  • Mithai
    & all types of sweets available in the market
Varakh is also used to bring exclusive elegance in the interiors of temples, mosques and all places where god or goddesses murti are kept.
This product is also used for designing the interiors of temples,the upper domes of the temples, mandirs,mosques etc.
Varakh is used for craving names on the walls of the temples

Also varakh is used for different places at temples / mosques etc:

  • Gold coated statue
  • Temple / mosque fla
  • Murti
  • Temple interiors
  • Temple doors
  • Carving doors
  • Coated door of temples
  • Temple framing desings
  • Temple domes
Tobacco / Pan Masala
Tobacco / Pan Masala:

varakh is also used in all types of pan masala which includes:

  • Pan chutney
  • Mukhwaas
  • Ilaichi - silver coated
  • Suprai coated
  • pan coated
  • kimam
  • zarda
As varakh is very useful for human health, many medicine companies uses it while manufacturing medicines. The main product UNANI (which is really very healthy for a human being).

This varakh is used by

  • Hakims
  • Vaidya's
  • Doctors

Companies like Dudh Papeshwar,Dabur,Zandu,Baidyanath,Hamdard,SAMA,UAP pharma pvt ltd, ujnha ayurvedic pharmacy pvt ltd,nagaarjun pharmacy pvt ltd, ayurvedic tablets,son vasan malti,chawanprash, medicine manufacturers & all types of pharmacy products manufacturers regularly uses varakh to make its product more fruitfull and giving healthy protiens.


Varakh is also used on the bottles of sharbat. Many FMCG companies uses varakh for the decoration of its bottle design as well as on the top of the sharbat bottle. Fruit juice making companies & pulper making companies regularly uses varakh on the bottle.

Companies like Taj Sharbat, Rooafza, Girish Coldrinks & many more uses this products

Antique Furnitures
To make any antique furniture more decorative varakh is used on it.
It brings an ambience of furniture once varakh is applied on it.
Durability becomes strong of design on the furniture
A variety of finishes are offered including natural finishes which highlight the quality of the wood,and antique finishes.
Some of the pieces of varakh designs are modified in consultation with the customer to suit contemporary life styles preserving the antiquity of the furniture.
Each piece of varakh is personalised to suit clients requirements.

Varakh can be used on the following:

  • Doors / Columns
  • Silver Furniture
  • Ethnic Furniture
  • Antique furnitures
The ultimate goal of varakh is to create a state of good health for the individual, to create, consequently a healthy human being with its herbal health remedies.

Ayurvedic varakh is beneficial for chronic patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments and cancer


Varakh is nowadays also used on handicrafts items to make it more decorative.
Varakh can be used on handicrafts items like
  • Cupboard
  • Chairs
  • Beds
  • Wall papers
  • all types of wooden handicrafts
  • Wooden Animals
  • Wooden Chess Sets
  • Wooden Figures
  • Wooden Colour
  • Wooden Utility
Varakh is also used on paintings.
It is used on the following paintings:
  • Silk Painting
  • Miniature Painting
  • Cotton Painting
  • Marble Painting
  • Gem Stone Painting
  • Paper Painting
Varakh can be used on walls to make it more beautiful
Excellent style, materials and technologies are used for designing walls using varakhs
Classic and contemporary floor, table, desk, pendant, wall and ceiling light designs which use materials ranging varakh and many more.
Wooden Furniture
Varakh can be used on any types of wooden furnitures.
It can also be used for the residential or commercial purposes
It can be used in
  • wooden furnitures
  • furnitures
  • soft furnishings
  • residential furnishings
  • residential accessories
Today designing clothes and other fancy garments using varakh is growing tremendously in the indian markets.
Teenagers also like this varakh taste designed on the clothes.
It can be used for designing for :
  • kurtis / tunics
  • salwar kameez
  • kids wear
  • t shirts
  • designer sarees
  • fashion accessories
  • garment accessories
Marble Furniture
Varakh is also used for designing marble furniture in residential or temples or mosques
It gives a very high elegance when varakh is used on marble
As varakh is used on the product it becomes long lasting.