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The inspirations for varakhwala are from life, from the whole of this beautiful world. The decor originate from lements ofmovement and dynamism, from sculptures. exclusive designs, music, paintings, decorations and exstence itself. They depit the many moods of the day, creating a new sophistication, a harmony, a refinement in the art of living and enjoying.
Our party plot is well suited for special events like marriages,receptions,tilak,birthday partys,dance parties etc. besides large wedding & reception parties. It can also be divided into two parts by allowing two functions together, whether be corporate or social get together.

Having experienced since last many years in decoration & catering to its clients with needs of local clients also over a period of 5 years 'Varakhwala PArty Plot' has become a name to reckon, in providing valuable services without compromising on set standards.
Varakhwala Party Plot was created to provide convenient, smart & value for money services, when it was felt there is a need for hassle free party plot with exclusive decoration needs. There was a dearth of a well-equipped infrastructure, so "varakhwala party plot' took shape and all the areas & spaces are compact making it more spacious, practical & convenient for large gatherings.